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Welcome to Strong Brain!

Mental exercise is just as important for keeping your brain sharp as physical exercise is for keeping your body functioning well. Research in both the United States and Japan has shown that systematic mental exercises (mental aerobics!) can improve your brain fitness and help slow or ward off mental deterioration as you age. Research on the neuroplasticity of the brain shows that pushing your brain with exercises and the development of new skills will cause it to replace damaged neurons by using others which are healthy. As the average life span has risen, more and more people have realized that mental exercise is important for maintaining their mental agility and brain fitness throughout their lives.

Strong Brain is a free mobile-friendly site help you stay sharp and develop your cognitive fitness. You'll find activities to exercise your brain which are both challenging and fun. They include pure mental aerobics (workout in the brain gym!), puzzles and brain-teasers with words, numbers and visual images, various board and card games, and reading short stories and essays. Check out our site map for an overview of our activities. The range of activities is intended to stress and exercise many areas of your brain. Just as with physical exercise, it is important to push yourself when working out in the brain gym. To help you with this, we've provided timers controlled by Start and Stop buttons on most pages, to encourage you to try to complete the activities as fast as you can.

There is no fixed way to utilize all the areas of Strong Brain. Sample them all and choose your favorites. But remember that visiting and working out in all the Strong Brain areas over time builds your mental agility in more areas of your brain than just staying in one or two of the areas. Again, as with physical exercise, consistency is very important. It is much better to work out with Strong Brain two or three times a week every week rather than working hard for a week or two, and then skipping many weeks. This is the way to develop your brain fitness, just as your develop physical fitness. To encourage and assist you with this, if you register for a free account and opt-in to performance recording, Strong Brain will keep track of how you do (scores and speed) on your workouts, and will show you personalized tables and graphs presenting your performance over the weeks.

On the Top Scores page, we provide listings of the top scoring users for each Strong Brain task.

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